4 Keys for First Time Light Torch Users

4 Keys for First Time Light Torch Users PatCom Medical’s Light Torch combines the powerful illumination found in conventional light sources with a new-found portability. It’s amazing just how light and versatile this tool is. PatCom Medical’s Light Torch and almost...

Did You Know? Tips and Tricks for Your Equipment

Every equipment has ins and outs that make it work to the best of its abilities. That's why we want to have an ongoing blog post about new tips and tricks to help you keep your PatCom equipment working and running smoothlyWe will be adding to this blog post regularly...

PatCom US Subsidary

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPatcom Medical Inc. opens US subsidiary to bring its operations closer to its customers   Toronto, ON / Buffalo, NY (July 1st 2021) –PatCom Medical Inc., the rising leader in equipment solutions for dysphagia announces the...

Distal Chip vs Fiber Optic Endoscopes

When selecting an endoscope, a clinician has a major decision to make: to go with a distal chip or a fiber optic scope. While many factors such as image quality, ergonomic design and price are considered, a major factor that can be often overlooked is the durability...

Controlling Exposure in Endoscopy Studies

When it comes to endoscopy studies, controlling camera exposure is a key component for getting the best quality study images.What is exposure? Exposure refers to the amount of light taken in by a camera to produce an image. There needs to be a light source to capture...

Most Common Symptoms Related to Dysphagia

Dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing, is a condition where it takes more time and effort to move the liquid or solid food from the mouth down into the stomach. The degree of dysphagia may vary from mild discomfort to pain. In extreme cases, swallowing can even become...

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