Have you ever thought “I’d love to start a FEES program,” but have no idea where to start? With our extensive experience in walking our customers through the purchasing process, we have learned a lot along the way.

Starting a FEES program looks different from facility to facility and setting to setting, but here are some things to consider when first starting a FEES program:

Budget approval

    • It is a good idea to start advocating for budget approval for equipment as early as possible.
    • Researching equipment options
    • What are your specific needs?
    • Will you be focusing on FEES only or will you add Videostroboscopy as well?
    • What kind of system do you need – portable or acute care?
    • How many scopes will you need?
    • Will your team require FEES training and/or competency training?


    • Is it important that you can integrate your workstation with your EMR database?
    • What will your process look like after you have recorded your study and will document the findings?
    • What functionalities does your EMR have?

IT component

    • Your IT team may need to register a new device (FEES laptop) to the network, so communicating this purchase with IT is necessary.
    • What IT security features are required by your facility?

Cleaning method

    • Will you be utilizing central sterilization or manual cleaning?
    • If using central sterilization, meet with your SPD team to discuss what types of machines they use and how quickly they will be able to return your scope to you.
    • What pre-cleaning policies/procedures do you need to have in place?


    • Every facility is a little different. You will need to ensure that your facility has a policy and procedure for the use and disinfection of your equipment.

State regulations

    • Make sure you’re aware of the state regulations for your practice.

Here at PatCom Medical, we are proud to partner with professionals who are advocating for the implementation of a FEES program or business. If there is any way we can help you move forward in the process, please contact us.

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