PatCom Introducer

The PatCom Introducer uses visualization capabilities from endoscopes for transnasal navigation into the esophagus. Once in place, it functions as a channel to guide tubes and catheters into position in the esophagus and stomach. It significantly reduces the patient’s discomfort as well as the general risks associated with catheter placement

NG- and NJ- Feeding Tube

Millions of nasogastric feeding tubes are placed every year to ensure proper nutrition to patients around the world. Rates of misplacement into the respiratory tree are reported between 1% and 3 %, with resultant harm in up to 40% of those cases. The PatCom Introducer allows the safe placement of feeding tubes up to 14 FR in the esophagus.

24 Hour PH Monitoring

This gold standard in reflux testing adds a quantitative measure to the evaluation by detecting pH levels both in the pharynx as well as the distal esophagus. Impedance measurements along the esophagus add additional information about the behavior of acidic reflux as well as non-acidic reflux. 24h pH probes are notoriously flimsy, making the placement process difficult. The PatCom Introducer eliminates this issue.

High Resolution Manometry

HRM is a valuable tool for Gastroenterologists, Otolaryngologists and Speech-Language Pathologists to help determine motility disorders and pharyngeal conditions. Patient compliance can be an issue with this test as the placement procedure can be very uncomfortable and is performed with little to no sedation. Use of the PatCom Introducer alleviates discomfort, making the entire procedure more tolerable for the patient.


Using the PatCom Introducer is a simple 4 step process:

Step 1

With endoscope inside Introducer, navigate into esophagus

Step 2

Extract endoscope while leaving Introducer in place

Step 3

Feed catheter through Introducer into the esophagus

Step 4

Pull funnels apart to split Introducer and dispose of it


The PatCom introducer comes in multiple sizes designed to fit existing endoscopes

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