Why is customer service so important in medicine?

The best customer service is a title most companies strive for; it promises recurring customers and growing revenue streams.

In the healthcare industry, customer service has gradually shifted into focus. Large Tech companies introduced systems that caused consumers to become accustomed to outstanding customer service at the click of a button. Healthcare companies must follow this trend to ensure better customer satisfaction – something they’ve been lacking.

Customer reviews prove time and time again that great customer service is what helps customers genuinely value the brand they use. It is also an anchor point for new customers to gauge the reliability and trustworthiness of the company in question.

For medical device brands, it’s no longer just about the best technology but more about understanding, enabling, and engaging customers. If a medical device company offers well-conceived customer service, it allows its customers to serve their patients better. Patients who can trust and rely on their doctors, therapists, and nurses will return for other healthcare services.

To support that goal, medical device companies must turn their focus to delivering the best customer experience. They must define what level of customer experience leads to optimal patient satisfaction and retention.

They must ask how they can create value in customer service both for the customer and the patient? How can great customer reviews be the norm?

The objective of a customer service offering should be to enable the customer to do their best job. Therefore, working with the correct medical device partner for healthcare professionals is crucial. When selecting a medical device partner, many factors such as quality, precision, longevity, portability, ease of use, free loaner devices, and delivery times need to be considered. While product quality still holds a great significance in the selection process, it is now equally important for customers to choose a medical device partner that offers first-rate customer service.

Product Quality vs Customer Service


In the case of the swallowing diagnostics device industry (FEES), the performance and quality of devices, especially for video endoscopy, are crucial however the deciding factor for many practitioners looking for equipment is the level of customer service the company provides.

When it comes to video endoscopes, the image quality rightfully is at the center of attention. However, experienced end users of FEES endoscopes have long understood: A pretty picture just isn’t enough.

Speech-Language Pathologists and Otolaryngologists require reliable devices for video endoscopy procedures that are easy to navigate, precise, durable, portable, and perform seamlessly.

The right medical device partner is what will make video endoscopy for SLPs more efficient and valuable, leading to high customer satisfaction and, therefore, good customer reviews.

These are customer service markers to consider that extend to the swallowing diagnostics devices and video endoscopy markets and lead to outstanding customer reviews.

6 Key Factors that Determine Good Service


For many large medical companies, their selling points lean towards quality, efficiency, and make. However, a major factor that drives higher conversion rates is the quality of customer service. This means that companies need to understand their customers, foster trust and reliability, quality, time, communication and working knowledge of the products. Customers appreciate speed. But in many cases, personability is lost in the world of efficacy.


As a result, a 6 step checklist can be followed to ensure that companies are maximizing their effect on their customers by capitalizing on brand loyalty through high quality customer service.


Research – Analyzing customers through data, interviews, and market research is key to setting up a strong foundation for customer service. Understanding customers’ needs in-depth creates a roadmap to which services are essential and how they need to be designed.


Reliability & Trust – The expectation for reliable devices extends to customer service. Being able to trust customer service and knowing it is consistently reliable frees up valuable capacity for healthcare professionals. It’s what determines great customer reviews.


Quality – Offering a medical device with outstanding quality for video endoscopy is essential; moreover, excellent customer service experiences can help elevate the overall satisfaction with the product and brand. Quality means going the extra mile for the customer. The entire customer service offering needs to be held to the highest standards.


Time & Flexibility – Time does not merely refer to the speed at which medical devices operate. Medical device customers have full schedules, while patients are grateful for a video endoscopy that can be done quickly. Flexibility when it comes to deliveries, quantities, fast troubleshooting of queries, offering free loaner devices during servicing, and customer support at odd hours, has an enormous impact on customers; it helps them to focus on their work.


Communication – Precise and service-oriented communication trumps heavy sales tactics. Communication around delivery status, repair status, and speaking the same language as the customer in all aspects of a service concept makes a difference.


Knowledge – Customer training needs to be adapted to the latest industry standards and research. It enables further mastery of the medical device and leads to boundless value creation. Customer reviews frequently mention the value of receiving training as an after-sales service.

PatCom’s Pledge

PatCom Medical Inc. knows that customer service now expands to how patients receive their procedures, how we as a medical device company cater to our customers, and even how free loaner devices are provided during repairs. Our customers are at the center, while product and customer service are designed around them.

Accordingly, PatCom Medical has developed a customer service concept based on the above pillars. We take great pride in offering the best customer service. Our customer reviews prove it.

Our customers work with swallowing diagnostic devices, primarily through video endoscopy. From the point of order through to training and servicing, PatCom Medical is proud to keep customers involved every step of the way. We will keep customers informed on delivery statuses, recent market developments, and any training we can offer. It is our responsibility to take on any of our customer’s challenges.

PatCom Medical will work around schedules flexibly to ensure customers can focus on video endoscopy and patients.

We can quickly solve problems, and if a free loaner device is required during repairs, it will be arranged. For any servicing or maintenance, free loaner devices can be sent as well.

We offer support 7 days a week by phone, email, and text and provide software support with remote access capabilities to ensure downtimes are kept to a minimum, and video endoscopy appointments can occur as planned.

PatCom Medical collaborates with the world leaders of FEES education to deliver state-of-the-art and UpToDate training to customers, ensuring the most current information and research gets passed on to patients.

We pledge to raise the industry standard of customer service to new levels.

PatCom Medical is here to help you understand your needs; we will never say no.

Get in touch with us via our contact form to discuss our solutions or any daily challenges you are facing. We are here to help.

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