4 Keys for First Time Light Torch Users

PatCom Medical’s Light Torch combines the powerful illumination found in conventional light sources with a new-found portability. It’s amazing just how light and versatile this tool is.

PatCom Medical’s Light Torch and almost all of its endoscopic equipment is made specifically for Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs). So, it doesn’t have the frivolous gadgets and accessories attached to scopes that you usually find made for ENTs and GI docs. Furthermore, the simplistic design of the light torch does not require extra cords, heavy light boxes, and intensive training. When it comes to workflow, our Light Torch is the easiest tool to integrate to your daily routines.


The portable, battery-operated light torch adds daylight-balanced, best in class LED technology to the equation. The adjustable light intensity allows the practitioner to adapt to any situation during the FEES exam. Furthermore, the light torch functions as a handle giving the endoscopist a total of 3 anchor points to hold the equipment comfortably and securely.


Light is crucial for increased image quality and PatCom’s Light Torch delivers. Made proudly in the USA, PatCom’s LED Light Torch acts as a reliable and easy-to-use external light source.


It lasts up to 45 minutes on full brightness. Two batteries are included in a system as well as a charging dock. Simply swap out the batteries between patients for optimal battery usage.


Now, let’s discuss the best user tips for first-time Light Torch owners.


*note: When in doubt, email us at [email protected].

1. Ensure You Have All The Components

At PatCom each of our mobile fees systems are always packed neatly into our durable Pelican Cases that don’t bend, snap, shatter or crimp. Make sure the Light Torch, Charging Dock, Plug for the Charging Dock, and 2 batteries are present inside the Pelican Case.

2. Plug the Batteries Into an Outlet


This tip is especially important if you are planning on scoping that day. The batteries take some time to charge, so it’s important to plan the charging time in advance.


The black charging cable can be plugged into the top of the charging dock. Then, plug the entire system into an outlet. The wire is 42 inches long, so it’s possible to charge your batteries near your system, even if you’re not directly beside a wall outlet.

3. Keep Tabs on Number of Recharges

PatCom Medical goes through rigorous quality control before presenting a system to our customers to ensure none of our equipment is faulty.


With rechargeable batteries, the life of the battery does decrease overtime. If you notice your batteries are not holding their usual charge, ask one of us for a link to add more batteries to your kit. The batteries are affordable to maintain over time.


If you are noticing that the light is dim, sputters and flashes, or behaves unusually, please reach out to us at [email protected] to get your batteries/light torch replaced.

4. Attach Light Torch Gently

As with all of our equipment, if you feel like you have to apply excess pressure or force, something is not aligned correctly. The same goes for the light torch. To make sure you’re attaching the torch correctly, place the light torch perpendicular to the endoscope and twist clockwise (Remember, lefty loosey righty tighty). Twist in a “finger-tight” fashion until resistance is met.


IMPORTANT: If you are using your light torch with other endoscopes, you might need to use an adapter for the light torch.


If you have any trouble understanding the different adapters or how to screw on a light torch, you can contact our equipment specialist at [email protected] for clarification or a copy of our user manuals



There you have it, 4 Keys for use of our Light Torch. This quick inspection will make sure that the longevity of your Light Torch is maintained.

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