Add-on #10: Bronchial Extension


PatCom Head Model – Bronchial Extension

In addition to our soft tissue normal larynx (# 1), which is already included in our PatCom Head Model bundle, we are offering you our bronchial extension. It can be easily removed at any time and can be used for training to place a tracheal cannula.

Larynx Add-ons/extension:
# 2: Arytenoid Granuloma
# 3: Laryngeal Papillomatosis
# 4: Polypoid Corditis
# 5: Vocal Cord Leukoplakia
# 6: Vocal Cord Cyst
# 7: Vocal Cord Nodules
# 8: Vocal Cord Polyp
# 9: Unilateral Paralysis
# 10: Bronchial Extension


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