Larynx Add-on #5: Vocal Cord Leukoplakia


PatCom Head Model – Larynx Add-on with pathology

In addition to our soft tissue normal larynx (# 1), which is already included in our PatCom Head Model bundle, we are offering you eight additional larynx add-ons with pathologies. They can be easily removed and replaced at any time. The different add-ons can be used to show and explain the pathologies in more detail and also help in FEES education and training.

Larynx Add-ons/extension:
# 2: Arytenoid Granuloma
# 3: Laryngeal Papillomatosis
# 4: Polypoid Corditis
# 5: Vocal Cord Leukoplakia
# 6: Vocal Cord Cyst
# 7: Vocal Cord Nodules
# 8: Vocal Cord Polyp
# 9: Unilateral Paralysis
# 10: Bronchial Extension


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