PatCom Endoscope Holder


– Handsfree endoscope cleaning and easy portability –
The PatCom Endoscope Holder is designed to fully submerge the insertion portion of your endoscope.

PatCom Medical is pleased to announce the PatCom Endoscope Holder. This device is designed to fully
submerge the insertion portion of your endoscope. It is hands-free and has a tripod base with
retractable legs for easy portability. The waterproof lid prevents content spillage during transportation.

This endoscope holder was designed for endoscope cleaning and will be a great addition to your cleaning
and endoscope washing procedures. There are many instances where cleaning is difficult. In small
spaces or remote areas in which you don’t have access to the supplies you usually do. It makes it very difficult to be able to fully submerge the endoscope in High Level Disinfectant. However, the cleaning tube is a convenient middle-ground in which you can achieve disinfection of the insertion portion of the endoscope without the need for a lot of HLD and a wash basin.

Surfaces during and after a study are not necessarily sanitized. The Endoscope Holder ensures that the
endoscope remains disinfected and limits the amount of time scope is set on surfaces. The tripod base
allows the endoscope to be left inserted vertically and stand on its own.

It is still recommended for users to continue to follow endoscope cleaning protocols as necessary.

With a purchase of a PatCom FEES system, our customers can receive the endoscope holder for $99
(discount of $100). To receive this discount, contact us by using the Contact Us button, or by calling our
office directly at +1 (716) 427-8021.
• Full submersion of the insertion portion of the scope in HLD
• Waterproof lid
• Tripod base with retractable legs
• Easy handling and transportation


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