PatCom IV Pole FEES Workstation

The PatCom IV Workstation is designed for use in environments where space is limited, yet a quick and minimal setup is required.

This system features a laptop stand with slide out mouse pad, a multipurpose service tray perfect for food trials, and a lower equipment storage shelf. The storage shelf is equipped with a robust pelican case with custom foam insert for keeping the equipment safe and secure.

The PatCom IV Workstation is a battery-powered design. Only one cable is required for performing studies, allowing for smooth, clutter-free operation.

All PatCom systems come bundled with a Microsoft Windows 11 laptop and PatCom Reporting software.

The PatCom Workstation is used in combination with disposable endoscopes in order to access all of the benefits of the PatCom software and review features. Due to the single use component of these endoscopes, once the study is completed, you may discard the endoscope.

The Software

The “MediaWorkstation” software offered by PatCom Medical makes the PatCom mobile FEES system perfect for the clinic. The highest demands in swallowing diagnostics are served. The “MediaWorkstation” records video including audio. In review mode, the video can be played in fast forward/reverse, slow motion, and frame by frame for accurate evaluation. In addition, individual images can be taken from the video. These can be included in the integrated FEES report. Integration into the hospital information system (HIS) is also possible.

Training And Education

Representatives of the American Board of Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders (AB-SSD) and American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Special Interest Group (SIG) 13: Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders (Dysphagia) developed a tutorial on best practice guidelines for FEES. In this tutorial, they suggest 6 steps to obtain FEES competency.

  1. Attend and complete an ASHA CE Approved External FEES Course or Internal Facility Mentored Training
  2. Take and Complete an Exam Based on the Content of the Course
  3. Passing and Handling Scope: Healthy Volunteers
  4. Passing the Scope and Performing a FEES Exam: Patients
  5. Mentor Assessment
  6. Indirect Supervision: Final Step

With these recommended steps in mind, PatCom Medical Inc. collaborates with the world leaders in FEES education to assist you with training and competency.

Link for the article:

Langmore, Susan E et al. “Tutorial on Clinical Practice for Use of the Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing Procedure With Adult Populations: Part 1.” American journal of speech-language pathology vol. 31,1 (2022): 163-187. doi:10.1044/2021_AJSLP-20-00348

The Service

    • Pledge to raise industry standard of customer service to new levels
    • 7 day technical support by phone, email and text
    • Remote access software service included
    • Free loaner during repair

    One of the the main reasons PatCom Medical Inc. was established is the desire to commit to a level of customer service that goes above and beyond what others do. The PatCom service concept includes a variety of more and less common elements that ensure our customers are able to perform their own work without interruption. However, it this the underlying understanding of everyone at PatCom to make our customer’s problems ours to solve that sets us apart.

    As responsiveness is a key element of good service we offer support 7 days a week by phone, email and text. We offer remote access service free of charge where we have the ability to take control of your Stroboscopy system’s computer to solve any software related issues within minutes.

    If your equipment ever needs to be serviced at our service center we offer free loaners during the repair process. To keep the turn around time itself as short as possible a US based service center is available. 

    There is a chance that you have existing stroboscopy equipment from a third party manufacturer. PatCom Medical is able to provide service for a number of systems and is able to integrate new equipment with what you already own.



      Windows Laptop


      Recording software with reporting


      Height-adjustable trolley with large storage space, keyboard and mouse shelf, drawer and endoscope holder

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