PatCom Medical is introducing the PatCom Cleaning Tube, a hands-free device with a tripod

base, retractable legs, and easy portable access. The PatCom cleaning tube was created to

submerge your endoscope’s insertion portion fully. It is waterproof, with a spill-proof lid and rubber gasket that ensures the containment of liquids during transportation.

Importance of Disinfection

Studies show that over the years, outbreaks of infection transmission due to

ncontamination of both rigid and flexible endoscopes have placed patients at risk of infection and can turn fatal in some cases (Bradford et al., 203; Lichtenstein et

al.,2019; Nelson, 2016). A report published in the American Journal of Infection control revealed that endoscope infection transmission is linked to poor cleaning and reprocessing and found that 71% of endoscopes that were deemed cleaned and ready to use on patients were tested positive for bacteria (Ofstead et al., 2018). Thus, using an effective cleaning method and following proper endoscope cleaning guidelines is crucial in reducing patient illness, injury, and potential risk of a malpractice lawsuit.


Improve your Scope Cleaning Quality

It is the clinician and facility’s responsibility to select a cleaning process that fits their protocol and infection control guidelines. The PatCom Cleaning Tube allows for the submersion of the insertion portion only, but our equipment allows for full submersion and even sterilization should a facility require this method of cleaning. The PatCom Cleaning Tube ensures that the endoscope remains disinfected and limits the amount of time the scope is set on surfaces with a tripod base allowing the endoscope to be left inserted vertically and stand on its own. The benefit and efficacy of using the PatCom Cleaning Tube is that it increases the quality of the endoscope cleaning process, where access to supplies and the ability to fully submerge the endoscope in a high level of disinfectant solution can be difficult. The PatCom Cleaning Tube provides a convenient solution to achieve the disinfection insertion portion of the endoscope without the need for excess amounts of high level of disinfectant solution, a wash basin, and additional space.

Did you know?

Customers can receive the cleaning tube for only $99, a $100 discount from the original price. To learn more about the PatCom Cleaning Tube and how it can be available to you, contact us by calling our office directly at +1 (716) 427-8021 or via email at:,


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